Our history

GTC "GadTech solutions" company founded in 1992, specialized in the field of computer software, provided the Egyptian market with integrated solutions for commercial, financial and educational applications, and during this period we managed to rise to be on the top in producing software applications that make GadTech takes a competitive position in the Middle East markets, our team always keen to provide with up-to-date and effective in the world of information technology.


GTC realizes that we have a challenge to rise with the field of Arab information technology to be effective in the world today, so GadTech considers training services, qualifying and support in all phases of the use of systems which is an integral part of their products, we provide with time, effort and significant investment in order to raise Business management level in Arab countries.


GTC has a specific and clear vision of how to develop software programs and business, all GadTech programs are characterized with flexible and open design adapt with many user requirements without the need of editing or modifying them by developers. GTC programs manage the user to ease the operation environment by group of choices that facilitate respond of different requirements by going along with the latest techniques and development tools globally.


GTC provides organizations and companies with easy learning and using systems, with feature of ready to start working, which helps in developing its projects, achieves its goals and develops the efficiency of users with saving time and effort. GadTech works on making Middle East powerful in technology field. GadTech aims to support the education organizations and ministries of Arab countries, also support the Arab user with an education system contains 50 programs to build characterized generation in all life fields.


Studying client requirements, define his/her need, find weakness points then give the perfect solutions and procedures we should follow electronically and manually to manage the business in a professional and effective way, based on our experience which accomplish the targets and make our products their favorite. GadTech delivers a training to our products’ users, to support them to be totally aware of system tools and features. And give the basics of dealing with different software parts and windows. GadTech provides technical support experts to face any technical issue, and that happens through phone, fax, visits or even by remote accessing through internet. We provide high level of security and privacy to our clients.

Our projects



GTC designed a software to manage different teams in various areas of the company to generate their salaries, payroll, taxes and insurance. Redimpex group is using it since 1997, it has been updated to fit with the tax laws of variables.

E-book project

E-book project

The project was implemented for the benefit of Khalaya Elteknya Company for Technology and Information which located in Saudi Arabia.


Nile City

A draft meter reading, generating invoices, follow-up collection and maintenance operations counters, GTC created the program which had an important role in the ease of direct business administration.


Amanat Makkah

GTC create a system to manage, evaluate and rehabilitation the ready-Kherasnh factories, to raise the level of performance of government facility for the Secretariat of the Holy City


Amanco for money transfer

Amanco is the first Egyptian company specialized transferring funds, save and store documents for multiple facilities, GTC has had the honor of preparing and implementing a program to manage the preservation and storage of documents, and the company relied on it since 2000.


We work with some of leading brands