Solution Overview

A web based English Arabic solution For school management.
Roaya  is an essential web-based school management system with an influential impact on schools’ performance. It is a deliberate and comprehensive user-friendly system that offers numerous features to students, parents, teachers, and school management. It presents a well organized and effective collaboration tool between all parties. 


Ease of use

Totally Redesigned to Fit Your Needs

Designed for modern, private, governmental and International schools and it is operating through staff located all over the world.
Workflow and functional authority is easily designed and managed through scripts. Power query builder, a reports designer, a business intelligence tool, and an Excel compatible spreadsheet with live data access, are all inherent parts of the system, elegantly and seamlessly integrated with your complex database.
Roaya maintains accurate information and easy to access records, supplying the user with tracking functionality and extensive reporting capabilities.

Why Choose Roaya


Protect your information

Roaya operates under a high level of security measures and offers flexible access privilege features, to protect classified information within your network and over the Internet.


Pay only for what you use

With Roaya, you pay only for what you use, this means no initial or setup cost, as well as you don’t have to pay for features that you are not intending to use. It’s the ultimate scenario to get your business going.


Maintenance an updates for free

You don’t even need to bother about maintenance and updates for a long time, with Roaya, your business is running on a robust platform with updated technologies all free of charge.


No geographical boundaries

The web technology improves visibility to data and analytics from anywhere to make your operation more responsive, and enables multi-connection collaboration with parents, students, and admins for more effective school stuff.


Change your plan as you grow

Change your plan as your business grows to accommodate uprising needs with optional sets of features without the hassle and the cost of data migration.


Public, private or hybrid hosting

Roaya, by design, enables private hosting on your local servers; public hosting at data centers, or operation in hybrid mode, depending on your needs. Sparse geography is no longer an issue, nor does it inflict extra cost.


Roaya, comes with a host of generous features packed to cover most of your department needs. In addition, Roaya comes with optional features such as Transportation, Library and Medical, HR and many more to cover the rest of your needs as your school succeed and grow.


Roaya supports Arabic and English languages to suit Arabic and language schools.

Build your School structure

Roaya is flexible enough to manage you to define the structure you follow, without any postulates or assumptions.

Multi users

Roaya manages many users to access and generate data, with different levels of permissions and privilages for admin, parent, student and teachers.

Work on internal network

You can connect more than one computer with an internal network on system to manage your actions on system without accessing internet.

User friendly

All program windows and pages are simple to use with a button to direct the command without any difficulties.

Educational Process

Connecting parent, student, teacher and school management on one place and ease all processes between parties.

Examination system

Roaya organizes the exams and make the plan and strategy for all studied materials.

Medical system

Roaya manages the check up and medical issues and procedures based on the medical profile of the student.

Financial process

Roaya financial module deal with students’ expenses, installments and transportation expenses.


It will contain the database of books that the school has, categorized by authors, writers and publishers, also generate the approvals and such procedures.

Transportation system

Roaya saves the data of the transportation means and drivers and connect with their path to track bus and students at any time.

Analysis and reports

Roaya is flexible with generating any reports regarding any data required and easy to be generated by normal user, and reports could be export in different extensions.

Low cost with high value

The improvement in the educational structure and process couldn’t be compared with the cost of software with professional and helpful results.


Parents can see their sons degrees and evaluation and approve it monthly.

Follow up and messaging

Parents can check the availability and registration and receive message from school regarding students’ actions.

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